Structural Foam Moldmaking – Get the Molds from the Right Source

Molding of different large plastic structures is handled through the injection molding process, and the molds required for this process also need to be manufactured with a lot of precision and dimensional accuracy. Even objects like plastic storage pallets or the garbage bins in many public places are all made through the structural foam molding process. While injection molding as a process is quite popular, the foam molding process adds a minor tweak to it by using a blowing agent, which is usually an inert gas to expand the plastic while inside the mold on the machine, and thereby shaping a large plastic product that is tough.

Making Molds for Special Applications

In every plastic molding process, there are three main aspects to be considered: the mold, the molding machine and the plastic material used for molding. Now, as far as the last factor is concerned, the end user makes the decisions about this and the structural foam mold making agency has no role to play in it. However, in most cases, the machines and mold may be made by the same organization. Therefore, they take extra care towards ensuring that the injection molding machines are made to suit the molding processes required for structural foam molding, in terms of the size and the other technical parameters. When the size of the mold is large, and or there is more than one cavity to mold, appropriate temperature is required for molding and the right water circulation system to cool the molds between the moldings is needed and so on.

Molds Made Under Stringent Conditions

The structural foam moldmaking process involves careful choosing of the material for making the mold. Here again, the metal normally used is hardened steel. The making of the mold is a highly technical process. There are a few vital elements to be taken into consideration. As in the case of the molding machine, the mold meant for structural foam molding also has to withstand the high temperature during the molding process. The metal has to be stable under those conditions. The metal also has to be of the quality that allows the making of the mold in terms of the metal removal and machining required. The surface also has to be finished to the extent that the product that comes out of the mold on the machine has no rough edges. Once the mold is made and used on the machine to try a few shots, the structural foam mold making agency becomes certain that the mold is good enough to be supplied to the customer.

Structural foam molding serves a number of user industries, and products from this process are used in many fields. It helps if the molding machine and the molds are sourced from the same company.

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