Custom Aluminium Die Casting Products In China


Aluminium Die casting is basically a metal casting process that involves forcing molten aluminium under very high pressure into a specific mold cavity. The mold cavity is generally created by utilizing two hardened tool steel dies that have been machined into particular shape and work very much similar to an injection mold during the procedure. In China Aluminium Die Casting a cold-chamber is used. In die castings, other than aluminium, other non-ferrous metals, such as zinc, copper, lead, magnesium, pewter and tin-based alloys are also used. 

China aluminium die casting is specially used when we need parts and products that are lightweight and have high dimensional stability for pretty complex structures and thin walls. Such products have good corrosion resistance and even retains strength at high temperatures – while offering good mechanical properties and high thermal and electrical conductivity. 

Shanghai iMolding is one of the largest and most reliable Die Casting manufacturer of China. Depending upon the requirements of the client, they provide custom-made and cost efficient Aluminium die casting parts – delivering the products to a wide range of industrial sectors across the world including Japan, Korea, United States, and other parts of the world.


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